Get Ready to Start Your Next Chapter

Whether this is your first time selling your house or your fifth time, there’s a couple things that you should know…

Selling Your House During COVID-19

With COVID-19, selling your house or property is a little bit different. To ensure that all parties are comfortable, there are a variety of ways to show your home. For those who wish to show your home to prospective buyers in person, showings will be done with one client at a time. All parties will wear masks and practice social distancing. Prospective buyers will also be required to wear shoe covers when entering the house or property.

If you are not comfortable with showing your home to prospective buyers in person, we can also offer virtual 3D tours.

Selling at the Right Price

When you’re preparing to sell your house, the most important thing is completing a Market Feasibility and Comparison Report. This determines a price point where your house or property can sell. Due to the market constantly changing, it’s best that this report be checked often. Referencing your report once a month ensures that your house is listed at the best price possible.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

When selling your home, the color of paint on the walls is not as important as decluttering your space. A decluttered space not only makes the house look bigger, but it can increase the perceived value of your property.